African Cichlid Aquarium Setup and Maintenance

Experience is the best teacher, and we’ve got loads of it. We’ve built many African Cichlid fish tanks over the years and we are here to offer our advice on building and maintaining your cichlid aquarium.

The African Cichlid Aquarium website has information on everything from water chemistry to decorating your aquarium’s aqua-scape to provide a natural looking environment for your cichlids enjoyment. We also have a blog where we talk about the fun and challenges (mostly fun) of keeping African Cichlids.

Basic aquarium setup for African Cichlids
Setting Up Your Aquarium

Setting your aquarium up for African Cichlids requires some thought and pre-planning. We have our checklist of things to think about and plan for so that your tank runs smooth.

About African Cichlids
All About African Cichlids

Colorful, active, territorial and sometimes aggressive African Cichlids are a great way to stretch your fish keeping abilities beyond the basics of keeping a freshwater aquarium.

Decorated African Cichlid Tank
Creating a Natural Environment

Coming from the Rift Lakes of Africa, African Cichlids have a unique and very intriguing landscape below the surface of the water in which they live.

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